The efforts of our employees, at every level, contribute daily to the transformation of the company and the achievement of our strategic goals. at PT. Itama Ranoraya, we invest in our future by investing in you. We are investing more than ever before in cultivating young talents, future leaders, with the task of steering PT. Itama Ranoraya through the challenges ahead.


We are always looking for talented, energetic and enthusiastic individuals to join our team.


List of available job opportunity in PT. Itama Ranoraya:


1. Marketing on Pharmaceutical Field (June 5th, 2017)

             o Male

             o Minimum education : Bachelor of Pharmacy

             o Willing to be placed out of city

             o Preferred domiciled in Jakarta

2. Technician of Medical Devices Machine  (June 5th, 2017)

             o Male

             o Minimum education : Academic of Electromedical Techniques (ATEM)

             o Willing to be placed out of city

             o Preferred domiciled in Jakarta


Term of the job application documents :

1. CV (Curriculum Vitae)

2. Colored photo 3x4 (1 pcs)

3. Copy of ID Card, family card, the lastest certificate and transcript

4. Letter of work experience

5. Certificate of training or training which have been followed


This method of sending a job application:

1. Email to :

a. Must write an application intended position in the email subject

b. Application documents created in PDF format

2. Physical Document (drop off, via expedition) to the Head Office PT. Itama Ranoraya (to HR Department)

a. Files included in the brown envelop

b. Write the sender's name on the brown envelope