Oneject Syringe

Cover Oneject


Since 2005 we became an authorized agent/distributor for Oneject Auto Disable Syringe Products such as :


    • OneJect Auto Disable Syringe 0.05ml, 0.25ml, 0.5ml, 1ml, 2ml & 5ml;
product-0-05ml product-0-5ml
product-1ml product-3ml
  • Safeject Disposable Syringe 1ml, 3ml, & 5ml.
product-1ml(regular) product-3ml(regular)
  • Safeject Hypodermic Needless 21G x 1 ½”, 22G x 1 ½”, 23G x 1 ¼” & 23G x 1″
product-needle-21Gx1-5 product-needle-22Gx1-5
product-needle-23Gx1-25 product-needle-23Gx1

We served sales and distribution to all areas in Indonesia.