Terumo BCT

Since 2016 we became an authorized agent/distributor for Terumo BCT Products such as :


Trima Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System

  • Trima Accel Single kit
  • Trima Accel Double kit
  • ACDA Solution 500 ml


Duratrans Spectra Optia Spectra Optia® Apheresis System

  • Spectra Optia Exchange Set Kit (TPE)
  • Spectra Optia Platelet Collection Kit
  • Spectra Optia Leukopheresis Set Kit (IDL)
  • Spectra Optia MNC Set
  • ACDA Solution 500 ml


Reveos Reveos® Automated  Blood Processing System


We served sales and distribution to all areas in Indonesia.